Seagate Technology (STX)

Meeting Date: Oct. 22, 2020
Filing Date: Aug. 31, 2020


Proposal 1 - Board of Directors FOR
Summary: Vote to elect (or re-elect) the Board of Directors

Relevant filing highlights:

Primary policy Title Filing
Board Independence Board is Majority Independent DEF 14A -- 2020-08-31
Gender-balanced Board Board is Majority Male DEF 14A -- 2020-08-31
Proposal 2 - Executive Compensation AGAINST
Proposal 2 – an Advisory, Non-Binding Vote on the Company’s Executive Compensation – Say-on- Pay Vote
Summary: Vote on proposed Executive Compensation

Relevant filing highlights:

Primary policy Title Filing
Recidivism and Rehabilitation No Report on Recidivism and Rehabilitation DEF 14A -- 2020-08-31
Lobbying Transparency No Report on Lobbying Activity DEF 14A -- 2020-08-31
Carbon Neutrality Carbon Neutrality Report DEF 14A -- 2020-08-31
Human Rights Due Diligence Human Rights Program DEF 14A -- 2020-08-31
Proposal 3 - Independant Auditor ABSTAIN
Proposal 3 – A Non-Binding Ratification of the Appointment of Ernst & Young LLP and Binding
Summary: Vote on proposed Independent Auditor
Proposal 4 - Miscellaneous ABSTAIN
Proposal 4 – Determine the Price Range at Which the Company Can Re-Allot Shares Held As Treasury Shares
Summary: Vote on Proposed Treasury Share Pricing